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Baker Industries’ net income is $26000, its interest expense is $5000, and its tax rate is 35%. Its notes payable equals $23000, long-term debt equals $80000, and common equity equals $250000. The firm finances with only debt and common equity, so it has no preferred stock. What are the firm’s ROE and ROIC? Round your answers to two decimal places. Do not round intermediate calculations.

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Torino company has 1,300 shares of $50 par value, 6.0% cumulative and nonparticipating preferred stock and 13,000 shares of $10 par value common stock outstanding. the company paid total cash dividends of $3,500 in its first year of operation. the cash dividend that must be paid to preferred stockholders in the second year before any dividend is paid to common stockholders is:
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Aborrower takes out a 30-year adjustable rate mortgage loan for $200,000 with monthly payments. the first two years of the loan have a "teaser" rate of 4%, after that, the rate can reset with a 5% annual payment cap. on the reset date, the composite rate is 6%. what would the year 3 monthly payment be?
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Hundreds of a bank's customers have called the customer service call center to complain that they are receiving text messages on their phone telling them to access a website and enter personal information to resolve an issue with their account. what action should the bank take?
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There is just one person in our group, silvia, who seems to have radically different ideas about how to complete our project. she seems to purposely disagree with the majority opinions of the rest of us though yesterday she said something that made a lot of sense to us solve our production problem. i suggested to the entire group today that we hear silvia’s suggestions and asked silvia to share in-depth more of what she said yesterday. i am using which adaptive leader behavior?
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Baker Industries’ net income is $26000, its interest expense is $5000, and its tax rate is 35%. Its...
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