The function v(r)= 4/3

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Consider the cladogram. which is the best description of the two organisms highlighted in pink? they are separated by two nodes. they share a recent common ancestor. they belong to the same species. they are ancestors of each other.
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All of the following physical reactions occur when our fight-or-flight response is triggered  except  a.dilating pupilsb.increasing heartbeatc.increasing digestiond.increasing perspiration  select the best answer from the choices providedabcd
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Select the correct answer. what was edwin hubble's contribution to the field of astronomy? a. he discovered variable stars. b. he proved that the heliocentric model accurately described our solar system. c. he found a relationship between the period luminosity and distance of stars. d. he proved that the universe is finite. e. he discovered that the universe was expanding.
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List and define the two main problems when heavy pumping of wells occurs?
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The function v(r)= 4/3...
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