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What is needed as a result of different countries having different currencies? A. business plans B. peace treaties C. free trade agreements D. a system of exchange WILL MARK BRAINLIEST IF YOU HAVE A REASONABLE EXPLANATION OR A SCREENSHOT

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1.3.3 quiz: primary and secondary sourcesquestion 4 of 102 pointsa secondary source is reliable and credible if the person who created thesource is an expert on the topic, is educated and respected in the field ofstudy, and:
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What was the effect of the reappointment act of 1929 on the house of representatives
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Regardless of the breadth of the definition attached to the term law, there is an essential truth to the fact that at the core of the nation's expansive legal system lays a body of enforceable written rules meant to maintain order, define the outer limits of our interactions with one another and with our governments, and delineate legal rights and responsibilities. these rules derive from several sources, which collectively are called primary sources of law. there are also secondary sources of law, which are not laws in the technical sense for this assignment, identify and discuss the four types of primary sources of law. in your response, be sure to define each one. discuss what types of laws are derived from each source. identify the source of authority for each one. lastly, provide an example of a law from each source.
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What unintended effect of the eighteenth amendment led to its repeal? a. a drop in stock prices b. an increase in alcohol consumption c. a rising disregard for the law d. a drop in farm prices
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What is needed as a result of different countries having different currencies? A. business plans B....
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