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The mother of a 7 and ½ year-old boy describes a 6-month history of excessive eye blinking and intermittent chirping. this mother now reports that she has recently noticed her son has developed grunting sounds that started when he began school this term. what is the most likely diagnosis to consider?
a) tourette’s disorder.
b) provisional tic disorder.
c) transient tic disorder, recurrent.
d) persistent.

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When the framers our state's constitution began to create it, they looked to the u.s. constitution as a model. much like the national government, they created a state government in which each branch could keep the others from having too much power. for example, the state supreme court can- once a law has been passed and enforced- rule that the law violates the state constitution. if this happens, the law is no longer enforced. what principle of government is being described in this passage? a) federalism b) separation of powers c) checks and balances d) republican government
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The mother of a 7 and ½ year-old boy describes a 6-month history of excessive eye blinking and inter...
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