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a .685 kg block is placed on spring with a force constant k. the block is pushed downward a distance x=0.487m compressing the spring from its euilibrium length l=2.23m. the block isthen released, and the spring shoots upward. after the release, the greatest height the block reaches above the table where the spring is mounted is 4.73 m. what is the value of k?

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What is the primary force that suspension bridges use cables to hold their spans up? a. tension force b. resistance force c. normal force d. elastic force e. applied force
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16. a brave but inadequate rugby player is being pushed backward by an opposing player who is exerting a force of 800 n on him. the mass of the losing player plus equipment is 90.0 kg, and he is accelerating at 1.20m/s2 size 12{1 "." "20"" m/s" rsup { size 8{2} } } {} backward. (a) what is the force of friction between the losing player’s feet and the grass? (b) what force does the winning player exert on the ground to move forward if his mass plus equipment is 110 kg? (c) draw a sketch of the situation showing the system of interest used to solve each part. for this situation, draw a free-body diagram and write the net force equation.
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Abus travels 280km south along a straight path with an average velocity of 88km/h to the south. the bus stops for 24 min, then it travels 210 km south with an average velocity of 75 km/h to the south. how long does the total trip last?
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Geologists get to play with chemistry, physics, and history! and what a history you will meet as youwork your way through the course. starting at the beginning, the textbook provides the scientifically acceptedstart of the and promises that you'll get to explore some of the evidence for that scientific view, later inthe semester. meanwhile, which is more nearly correct of the scientifically accepted view? a) the earth formed when the big bang caused older materials to fall together, about 14 billion years ago.b) the earth formed from the falling together of older materials, about 4.6 billion years ago.c) the earth formed in the big bang, about 6000 years ago.d) the earth is eternal, having been here forever and promising to be here forever.e) the earth was assembled by gigantic space beavers, which gnawed down the primordial tree of life andpiled its branches together to form the planet.
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a .685 kg block is placed on spring with a force constant k. the block is pushed downward a distance...
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