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What is the slope of the line shown on the graph?

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Alana has 12.5 cups of flour with which she is baking four loaves of raisin bread and one large pretzel. the pretzel requires 2.5 cups of flour to make. how much flour is in each loaf of raisin bread? explain the steps to follow to get the answer.
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Adecorative window is made up of a rectangle with semicircles at either end. the ratio of ad to ab is 3: 2 and ab is 30 inches. what is the ratio of the area of the rectangle to the combined area of the semicircles? possible answers: a. 2: 3 b. 3: 2 c. 6: π d. 9: π e. 30: π
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In an equilateral triangle, each angle is represented by 5y+3. what is the value of y? a. 9.7 b. 10.8 c. 11.4 d. 7.2
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Grandpa ernie is shrinking! over the past 4 years his height decreased by a total of 2.4 decreased by the same amount each year. what was the change in grandpa ernie's height each year
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What is the slope of the line shown on the graph?...
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