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The slope of the line shown above

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When a formula is solved for a particular variable, several different equivalent forms may be possible. if we solved a=1/2bh for h, one possible correct answer is h=2a/b . which one of the following is not equivalent to this? a. h= 2(a/b) b. h= 2a(1/b) c. h= a/1/2b d. h= 1/2a/b
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Eileen purchased 3.4 pounds of apples at the total cost of $19.72. if she purchases 6.2 pounds of apples at this store, how much would it cost?
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You are remodeling your kitchen. you’ve contacted two tiling companies who gladly told you how long it took their workers to tile of a similar size jim completed half the floor in 8 hours. pete completed half of the other floor in 7 hours. if pete can lay 20 more tiles per hour than jim, at what rate can jim lay tiles
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Acabinmaker buys 3.5 liters of oat varnish the varnish cost $4.95 per liter what is the total cost of 3.5 liters
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The slope of the line shown above...
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