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What is the mixed number of 35/4 and what is the improper number of 6 and 2/7

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Which is the length of the hypotenuse of the triangle a. 94ft b. 214 ft c. 33ft d. 37 ft
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Someone answer asap for ! a discount store’s prices are 25% lower than department store prices. the function c(x) = 0.75x can be used to determine the cost c, in dollars, of an item, where x is the department store price, in dollars. if the item has not sold in one month, the discount store takes an additional 20% off the discounted price and an additional $5 off the total purchase. the function d(y) = 0.80y - 5 can be used to find d, the cost, in dollars, of an item that has not been sold for a month, where y is the discount store price, in dollars. create a function d(c(x)) that represents the final price of an item when a costumer buys an item that has been in the discount store for a month. d(c(x)) =
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The dash figure is a dilation if the original figure. find the scale factor. classify the dilation as an enlargement or a reduction
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Let x = a + bi and y = c + di and z = f + gi. which statements are true?
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What is the mixed number of 35/4 and what is the improper number of 6 and 2/7...
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