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Identify the three triangles to the right that are similar

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Phillip had some bricks. he stacked them in 6 equal piles. which expression shows the number of bricks phillip put in each pile? let the variable m stand for the unknown number of bricks. m + 6 m÷6    m−6    6m
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Use the expression below.–4b + 8c + 12 – 8b – 2c + 6part asimplify the expression. enter your answers in the boxes. b + c + part bfactor the simplified expression using the gcf. a. 2(–2b + c + 3) b. 3(–2b + c + 3) c. 4(–2b + c + 3) d. 6(–2b + c + 3)part cwhat is the value of the expression when b = 2 and c = –3? enter your answer in the box.
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Present age of man is 45 years, 5 years back his age was 4 times age of his son what is present age of his son?
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If the tip varies directly with the number of guest which equation represents between the tip,t, and the number of guest,g?
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Identify the three triangles to the right that are similar...
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