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What is the meaning of lazy in french

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What is the fastest way to travel across france? bus plane automobile tgv
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Est-ce que ta m? re porte les lunettes tous les jours pour travailler? (4 points) a.oui, elle la porte au travail. b.oui, elle les porte tous les jours. c.oui, elle porte les tous les jours. d.oui, l'elle porte tous les jours.
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Ineed to pass this french class! marking how would you like to travel to a place where french is spoken? this is your chance to plan the perfect vacation! if you have a local tourism office, you can visit it for information. alternatively, you can use a library or the internet to plan your trip. you plan should be for at least one week. you must track how much money it will cost to travel, stay in the places you choose and eat. choose points of interest and how much they will cost. write the plan for your trip mostly in english. two sentences should be in french. have fun! i know its extra but im
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Complete the sentence with quel, quelle, quels, quelles: aimes-tu? quelle quel quelles quels
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