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Which lines from the poem most directly state its recurring theme?
Passage 1 Maxine couldn’t believe it. That day, her company had laid off over 100 employees, and she was one of them. Considering that she had been working for Engitech for 15 years, Maxine had not seen this coming. It was just a reflection of how bad the economy really was. When Maxine’s husband, Greg, came home, Maxine was slumped on the couch staring at a blank TV. Since he had heard about the layoffs on the news, Greg immediately concluded that his wife was now jobless. Putting his arms around her, he said, “Sweetie, it’s okay. We can get by on my income. Money’s going to be tight, but we can do it. Plus, we’ll be getting those unemployment checks!” Maxine buried her face into his shoulder, and as the shock of the news wore off, she began to cry. “Thank you for being so supportive,” she sobbed. “I don’t know what I would do without you.” Suddenly, she sat up and looked at him in horror. “What are we going to tell the kids?” she cried. “That, for a while, they get to have a stay-at-home mom,” Greg said with a smile. “Don’t worry! We’ll get through this together.”
Passage 2
Always There
by Diane Tran
When I was four, I scraped my knee.
I was trying to climb a tree!
My mom was there to clean my wound
And wipe my tears before I swooned.
When I was eight, I broke my nose.
In a brawl, I received some blows.
My dad was there to set it right
And teach me that I should not fight.
When I was twelve, I failed math class.
It was too hard; I could not pass!
My sis was there to tutor me
And bring my F up to a B.
Now I’m sixteen; I soon can drive.
I am nervous, but I will strive.
If I get into any scare,
I know my family will be there.

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Which lines from the poem most directly state its recurring theme?
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