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Select the correct answer. What does this excerpt from
George Bernard Shaws Pygmalion reveal about Eliza's character?
MRS. PEARCE: Stop, Mr. Higgins. I won't allow it. It's you that are wicked. Go home to your parents, girl; and tell them to take better care of you.
LIZA: I ain't got no parents. They told me
MRS. PEARCE: Where's your mother?
was big enough to earn my own living and turned me out.
LIZA: I ain't got no mother. Her that turned me out was
my sioth stepmother. But I done without them. And I'm a good girl, I am.
OA. Eliza despises her father's habits.
O B. Eliza lives and earns money independently.
• C. Eliza misses her
childhood home.
O D. Eliza
craves a mother's love.

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Select the correct answer. What does this excerpt from
George Bernard Shaws Pygmalion reveal...
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