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Is anyone willing to right a 5 paragraph literal essay about bruno from the boy in the striped pajamas and how hes persistent when is comes to getting answers by tomorrow ??? i'm dying of frustration and don't know what to do so far this is what i have ... although i doubt someone will want to help me lol The Boy In The Striped Pajamas is a story about a little boy who discovers that there is a concentration camp with hundreds of prisoners outside of his bedroom window. I think the main character of this story “Bruno” is persistent when it comes to getting answers to why there are people in striped pajamas outside of his window even if he fails. He knows when and when not to ask questions or interrupt. If Bruno speaks at the wrong time he could get in a lot of trouble with his parents.
One example of Bruno's persistence is In chapter five when Bruno and his father have a conversation about why him and his family moved to their new home. Bruno tells his father how he thinks it's unfair that they all have to move for his father’s job, how he has no friends to play with and asks his father multiple times if he could go back home and even raises his voice and gets in trouble and his father just says no.
Chapter twelve shows Bruno's persistence and proves that he can tell when he should stop talking , because Bruno is talking to his friend shmuel, about how all the people behind the fence are treated. I think that is when Bruno learns the most in this book, but in the middle of Bruno's talking he notices that his friend is starting to look sad so he stops asking questions about what happened to shmuel.
In chapter thirteen Bruno asks his maid lots of questions about the cook pavel, his mother, the people outside of his window and also wants to know what exactly his father’s job is. Even though Maria didn't know the answers to all of his questions, Brunno made sure to get as many answers as he could from her.

that's it for now the teacher said i need to make edits though

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Is anyone willing to right a 5 paragraph literal essay about bruno from the boy in the striped pajam...
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