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What does the song, “This Livin' Man," that is sung in the film, have to do with the plot of the story? Explain.
(“Owl creek bridge” twilight zone video)

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Select the sentence with an appositive phrase and a relative pronoun.
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0313hethis excerpt was written by olaudah equiano, anwhat is the primary purpose of this passage? enslaved african who was taken to barbados. read thepassage, then answer the question.o to create sympathy for enslaved workerstheir huts, which ought to be well covered, and the place ! o to demonstrate a typical day of labor on a plantationdry where they take their little repose, are often opensheds, built in damp places, so that when the pooro to compare the living conditions of plantationowners and enslaved workerscreatures return tired from the toils of the field, theycontract many disorders, from being exposed to theto show ways housing on plantations could havedamp air in this uncomfortable state.been improved-sugar changed the world,marc aronson and marina budhosintrodone
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What does the song, “This Livin' Man," that is sung in the film, have to do with the plot of the st...
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