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Read the paragraph from Nick's personal narrative Standing alone in my family's barn, I thought about how
much hard work and time my parents had invested
how much hard work and time we had all invested in
maintaining a fully operational farm I did not remember
a time when my clothes had not reeked of manure on
my hair had not held fast to brittle pieces of straw. What
would happen if my parents had to sell the farm so we
could move closer to my grandparents? Just as I was
attempting to imagine a life in the city, a sudden
commotion erupted and interrupted my thoughts With
animals squawking and dust flying, I scrambled to
pinpoint the source of this unexpected intrusion in
seconds that felt more like minutes, I was successful
and I could scarcely believe what my eyes were
Nick uses chronological order to reliste is faffive
What effect does this have on is alfangernent of the
It allows Nick to indude entia details as he develops
the events that lead to the most exciting parts of this
It allows Nick to surprise the reader w ducting the
Calin setting with unexpected excitement
It allows Nick to off the condiciones he
states his feelings at the beginning of the native
It allows Nick to choose which events he will include
and which events he would like to eliminate

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Read the paragraph from Nick's personal narrative Standing alone in my family's barn, I thought abo...
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