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Is Communication Studies the same thing as English Language???

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Me i will give brainiest which excerpt from the passage most effectively contributes to the development of the theme that the bond between fathers and daughters is sacred and everlasting? '"may i not see the little one, sir, for a moment? ' it was his belief that mini was still the same." "i remembered the day when the cabuliwallah and my mini had first met, and i felt sad. when she had gone, rahmun heaved a deep sigh, and sat down on the floor." "this touch of his own little daughter had been always on his heart, as he had come year after year to calcutta to sell his wares in the streets." "he came close up to me holding out his offerings with the words: 'i brought these few things, sir, for the little one. will you give them to her? "'
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What is the poetic term for rhythm?
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The purpose of an informative essay is to express personal feelings about a topic. describe events from a certain point of view. instruct the reader about a topic. express and defend an opinion.
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Read the excerpt from hemingway’s a farewell to arms. we parked the cars beyond the brickyard. the ovens and some deep holes had been equipped as dressing stations. there were three doctors that i knew. i talked with the major and learned that when it should start and our cars should be loaded we would drive them back along the screened road and up to the main road along the ridge where there would be a post and other cars to clear them. which best describes hemingway’s style of writing in the excerpt? straightforward and simple, while still relating a lot of information to the reader long-winded and offering far too much information to the reader overly complicated, making it difficult to interpret and understand the text effortless and uncomplicated, with little meaning for the reader to interpret
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