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Which statement contains an example of a logical fallacy?

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Iam for the "immediate, unconditional, and universal" enfranchisement of the black man, in ev [loud applause.] without this, his liberty is a mockery; without this, you might as well almost slavery for his condition; for in fact, if he is not the slave of the individual master, he is the slay liberty as a privilege, not as a right. he is at the mercy of the mob, and has no means of protec how does the repetition of the phrase "without this" support the paragraph's argument? it reinforces the idea that without equality in the us, the idea of a free society is a joke. it suggests that a free society is possible, with or without equal rights for all people. it indicates that douglass would be content without material possessions or status. it proposes that slavery will not be abolished in the us without the support of all citizens.
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Which sentence you is an example of chronological structure in “the city without us”?
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Which one of these lines use him to permitte which one of these lines uses iambic pentameter?
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Based on the historical background provided, which two claims in this excerpt from franklin d. roosevelt’s "four freedoms" speech, given in 1941, can be considered inconsistent with us policy?
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Which statement contains an example of a logical fallacy?...
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