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Give two reasons why helium is used to fill a blimp's envelope.

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Write an analytical essay explaining how three romantic poems connect to william wordsworth's ideas about poetry. i just need some good pieces not a whole essay
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lihuliivi hili nilu lutaula previous 21 next end of semester test: english 12b submit test reader tools info- select the correct answer from each drop-down menu. read this excerpt and complete the sentences that follow a shropshire lad by ae housman (excerpt) when i was one-and-twenty i heard a wise man say "give crowns and pounds and guineas but not your heart away give pearls away and rubies but keep your fancy free." but i was one-and-twenty no use to talk to me when i was one-and-twenty i heard him say again, "the heart out of the bosom was never given in vain 'tis paid with sighs a plenty and sold for endless rue" and i am two-and-twenty. and oh, 'tis true, 'tis true the central theme of the poem is in the end, the poet the wise man's views. reset next
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In your own honest opinion, what are your views on same-sex relationships/marriage? be sure to include at least 2-3 paragraphs with correct spelling and appropriate language. be sure to explain why you feel/think the way you do about this particular topic. support your answer with supporting details.(for anyone that answers do not hate on anyone's answer, we all have our own point of views and opinions)
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Give two reasons why helium is used to fill a blimp's envelope....
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