Which is an example of a report a company might create using a relational database? a. a toy manufacturer joining data tables of restaurant locations, customer names, and amount of toys ordered
b. a clothing retailer joining data tables of pant designers, available styles, and herbal teas
c. a hospital joining data tables of surgical equipment, best-selling novels, and types of surgery
d . a college bookstore joining data tables of professor names, classes they teach, and books they require

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1. declare a constant named cents_per_pound and initialize with 25. 2. get the shipping weight from user input storing the weight into shipweightpounds. 3. using flat_fee_cents and cents_per_pound constants, assign shipcostcents with the cost of shipping a package weighing shipweightpounds.
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1. ask the user how many questions are in the quiz. 2. ask the user to enter the key (that is, the correct answers). there should be one answer for each question in the quiz, and each answer should be an integer. e.g., 34 7 13 100 81 3 9 10 321 12 might be the key for a 10-question quiz. you will need to store the key in an array. 3. ask the user to enter the answers for the quiz to be graded. there needs to be one answer for each question. note that these answers do not need to be stored; each answer can simply be compared to the key as it is entered. 4. when the user has entered all of the answers to be graded, print the number correct and the percent correct. 5. add a loop so that the user can grade any number of quizzes with a single key. after the results have been printed for each quiz, ask "grade another quiz? (y/n)." note: you only have one array (the key). you are not creating a new key for each set of quiz answers.
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Read “suburban homes construction project” at the end of chapters 8 and 9 (in the textbook) and then develop a wbs (work breakdown structure) in microsoft excel or in microsoft word (using tables)
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For the following example of making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, identify which are inputs, processes, or outputs: bread scooping and spreading peanut butter plate scooping and spreading jelly finished sandwich putting two pieces of covered bread together dirty plate crumbs
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