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As you think more about justice and equity at Swazzi, you try to put yourself in the employees' shoes and understand how they see the situation. To test your view of equity, consider the following situation: Mike works 40 hours in receiving. He has been with the company for 10 years and receives a generous set of benefits due to his union membership including vision, dental, life insurance, and educational support. Sean also works in receiving, has been with the company 1 year, is currently not a union member, and only receives the company-mandated health insurance coverage.

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In december of 2004, the company you own entered into a 20-year contract with a grain supplier for daily deliveries of grain to its hot dog bun manufacturing facility. the contract called for "10,000 pounds of grain" to be delivered to the facility at the price of $100,000 per day. until february 2017, the supplier provided processed grain which could easily be used in your manufacturing process. however, no longer wanting to absorb the cost of having the grain processed, the supplier began delivering whole grain. the supplier is arguing that the contract does not specify the type of grain that would be supplied and that it has not breached the contract. your company is arguing that the supplier has an onsite processing plant and processed grain was implicit to the terms of the contract. over the remaining term of the contract, reshipping and having the grain processed would cost your company approximately $10,000,000, opposed to a cost of around $1,000,000 to the supplier. after speaking with in-house counsel, it was estimated that litigation would cost the company several million dollars and last for years. weighing the costs of litigation, along with possible ambiguity in the contract, what are three options you could take to resolve the dispute? which would be the best option for your business and why?
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Suppose you hold a portfolio consisting of a $10,000 investment in each of 8 different common stocks. the portfolio's beta is 1.25. now suppose you decided to sell one of your stocks that has a beta of 1.00 and to use the proceeds to buy a replacement stock with a beta of 1.55. what would the portfolio's new beta be? do not round your intermediate calculations.
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Oliver is the vice president of production at his company and has been managing the launch of new software systems. he worked with a team of individuals who were tasked to create awareness about a specific product and also to approach potential purchasers of the product. which department managers were part of oliver’s team?
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On september 1, 2016, steve loaned brett $2,000 at 12% interest compounded annually. steve is not in the business of lending money. the note stated that principal and interest would be due on august 31, 2018. in 2018, steve received $2,508.80 ($2,000 principal and $508.80 interest). steve uses the cash method of accounting. what amount must steve include in income on his income tax return?
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As you think more about justice and equity at Swazzi, you try to put yourself in the employees' shoe...
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