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Ply-Disc makes Frisbee-type plastic discs. Each 12 inch diameter plastic disc has the following manufacturing costs

Direct material $1.67
Direct labor 0.56
Variable overhead 0.72
Fixed overhead 1.80
Total unit cost 4.75
For the coming year, Play Disc expects to make 300,000 plastic discs, an to sell 285,000 of them. Budgeted beginning inventory is units is 16,000 with unit cost of $4.75. (There are no beginning or ending inventories of work in process). Calculat the total budgeted cost of units produced for Play Dosc for the coming year. Show the cost of direct materials, direct labor, and overhead. And prepare a cost of goods sold budget for Play Disc for the year.

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Ply-Disc makes Frisbee-type plastic discs. Each 12 inch diameter plastic disc has the following manu...
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