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Beth sells candles from her website. she can get a candle from her suppliers at a cost of $3 to her. the candles have been selling for $5, and at this price, consumers have been buying a steady 4000 per month. beth would like to raise prices, but a market surveyor told her that for each increase of $1 in the price of an candle, she would lose 300 more sales each month. at what price should she sell the candles to maximize her profit?

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Your project team’s recommendations to increase productivity have been approved and your team is now working on an implementation plan. in order to accomplish the plan, several subject matter experts from various parts of the organization have been brought in to assist. you have noticed friction and conflict among team members. some of the disagreement and opposition on your team supports the achievement of team goals and objectives. this type of conflict can be described as:
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Blank is the internal operation that arranges information resources to support business performance and outcomes
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Popeye produces 20 cans of spinach in 8 hours. wimpy produces 15 hamburgers in 10 hours. if each hamburger trades for 1.5 cans of spinach, then: a.wimpy’s production and productivity are greater than popeye’s. b.popeye’s production is greater than wimpy’s, but his productivity is less. c.wimpy’s production is greater than popeye’s, but his productivity is less. d.popeye’s production and productivity are greater than wimpy’s.
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Advanced enterprises reports year-end information from 2018 as follows: sales (160,250 units) $968,000 cost of goods sold 641,000 gross margin 327,000 operating expenses 263,000 operating income $64,000 advanced is developing the 2019 budget. in 2019 the company would like to increase selling prices by 14.5%, and as a result expects a decrease in sales volume of 9%. all other operating expenses are expected to remain constant. assume that cost of goods sold is a variable cost and that operating expenses are a fixed cost. should advanced increase the selling price in 2019?
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Beth sells candles from her website. she can get a candle from her suppliers at a cost of $3 to her....
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