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How are substances carried to cells in a tissue and how are wastes removed

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Idont understand by supporting the plant and holding the leaves up to the light. question 3 options: tap or fibrous root flower petals herbaceous or wood stems leaves with stomata
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In what for do plants utilize nitrogen? why do they need nitrogen?
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Astudent wants to test the hypothesis that fertilizer improves the growth rate of grass seeds. to test this hypothesis, the student put the same amount of grass seed in 3 containers with the same type of soil. the student measured the growth at the end of the week. all plants received equal amounts of water and sunlight. if you were asked to graph this data, what would you place on the x-axis? a. fertilizer b. water c. plant growth d. week one
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What factors contribute to the effect an environmental toxin has on the human body?
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How are substances carried to cells in a tissue and how are wastes removed...
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