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3. this unit has taught us that documentary photography produces a historical record of an event, place, or person. wilkes shares his photographing of the historical regata event and the obama inauguration. do you feel that these are good examples of documentary photography? would you consider wilkes to be a documentary photographer? 4. wilkes continues to discuss the concept of time and how it relates to the type of photography he does. why do you feel that the concept of time is of such importance to him as a photographer? 5. unit 10 explores photographs with movement in them such as wildlife and documentary photography. wilkes takes the idea of movement in photography to a different level. do you feel the tips and information that you have learned in unit 10 is applicable to the type of photography that wilkes does?
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Whats your favorite billie eilish song?
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Discuss the political message found in honoré daumier’s rue transnonian and explain how it relates to realism
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Which of the following statements is not true? like haydn and many other composers of the classical period, beethoven was most successful financially when in the service of the aristocracy. the finale of beethoven's ninth symphony is based on schiller's poem about human brotherhood, ode to joy. beethoven opened new realms of musical expression that profoundly influenced composers throughout the nineteenth century. in the finale of his ninth symphony, beethoven took the unprecedented step of using a chorus and four solo vocalists.
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